Fender Official MIM Replacement Body - Red

Fender Replacement Body Made in Mexico made of Alder, bought from Music123 and used briefly as an Esquire style guitar. I’m including what I think is a genuine Fender control plate, a Tele jack cup with input jack, and Dunlop Dual design Straploks. I used it without any pickguard, so no pickguard screws were ever drilled: the options are there to do either a 5-hole ‘classic’ or 8-hole pickguard. Bridge setup is for ‘classic’ 50’s – 60’s Tele style.

I weighed it by stepping on a scale with and without the body; it comes in at 4.5 lbs, which is ‘medium’ for a Tele but light compared to a Les Paul!!

And if you want the Walker Williams red leather strap that matches the body and has the Dunlop Straplok ends, add $20. I’ll put it in the box.

$10-$30 UPS Insured Ground shipping depending on location (more to California, less to those on the East Coast)!! Contact me for shipping estimates. Paypal Only!






Here's what it looked like mated to the MIJ '62 Reissue neck (also for sale!): http://www.fenderforum.com/userphotos/index.html?recid=83111